Among Us Plush Toys: 5 Easy Ways To Spoke a Fake

If you're looking for an Among Us plush toy, the safest place to buy one is from the official merchandise store, Innersloth.

Paul Dughi
Updated 29 September 2021
Among Us Plush Toys: 5 Easy Ways To Spoke a Fake

(Source: Innersloth)

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Among Us is a space-themed game app where players work together to complete tasks before an imposter can kill everyone. The game has spawned a whole line of toys and collectibles, including Among Us plush toys of the player icons.

Consistently ranked in the top 15 on Apple's App store and with more than 12 million downloads on Google Play, Among Us is one of the most popular free apps online. It also has a loyal following on Twitch and YouTube, where users watch others play the game.

As you would expect, popularity creates opportunity. The makers of the game, Innersloth, launched a line of Among Us products for fans that were quickly knocked off by others trying to capitalize on the hit game.

It is important to note that counterfeit toys, including fake Among Us plush, are largely unregulated and may not have passed industry safety standards.

How to Identify a Real vs. Fake Among Us Plush

It can be challenging to tell the real Among Us plush toys from the fake ones just by looking at them. The characters in the game are relatively simple, and a significant number of artists and companies are selling them. However, you can get officially licensed merchandise from two places: the Innersloth website or through Toikido. (Toikido was named global master toy partner for Among Us in 2021.)

There are people online who buy and resell Among Us plush products. However, many of the plush toys that you find online for sale are likely fake Among Us products. The key things to pay attention to when identifying real vs. fake Among Us plush toys include the:

  • Fabric
  • Shape of the legs and feet
  • Stitching
  • Shape of the body
  • Tags

Type of Fabric

Authentic Among Us plush toys are made of that soft, fuzzy plush fabric. Many fake Among Us Plush toys use stiffer material that isn't as soft as the real deal.


Many of the fake Among Us plush toys have defined feet that stick out. The real ones have legs but do not have feet.

Real vs fake Among Us plush legs/feet.


You will often notice issues with the stitching. The fake toys, for example, may have uneven or jagged lines where the stitching comes together, which indicates poor quality.


Many of the fake Plush toys have shapes that don't quite look right. For example, they may lean to one side or look a bit hunched over. You can compare any pictures you see to the official photos on the Innersloth website to check if the shape looks right.

Real vs fake Among Us plush (shape).


Many of the fake Among Us products for sale online will include tags that mention the names of companies selling them or the name of the artist that created them. So if it doesn't say Innersloth, Frisk Wolfie (the artist), or Toikido, it's likely a fake Among Us product.

Additionally, the stitched tag should have the official "Among Us" logo. 

Real vs fake Among Us tag

Avoid Purchasing Fake Among Us Plush

If you are shopping online for Among Us plush or other Among Us merchandise, there's an easy way to avoiding purchasing fake Among Us products. According to the game's developers, you can buy genuine Among Us plush toys is through the Innersloth official merch store.

Innersloth Tweet

The artist behind the official Among Us Plush line is Frisk Wolfie, who has created several different plush designs that he sells on his Etsy site. His Among Us plush creations, however, are only available from Innersloth. In addition, to prevent resellers, Innersloth also limits the number of plush toys per order to 12 total and a single order per household.

Toikido, which was granted a licensing agreement from Innersloth/Among Us as an authorized seller, is the one exception to this rule.

Fake Among Us Plush Toys Being Sold Online

One red flag Innersloth says to look out for is streamers or influencers claiming to have a relationship with the company. No streamer or influencer program is sanctioned by the company, so if someone says you can buy products from them, the toys are most likely fake Among Us products.

Red Flags of Fake Among Us Plush Toys

Look out for wording used in online listings for Among Us plush toys, such as "Among Us inspired." Even if a listing says it's "officially licensed," it could still be a fake, and the best place to buy official plush toys is from Innersloth directly.

You should be wary if you see Among Us products being sold online at other sites besides the official merchandise store or through Toikido. Before purchasing, ask the seller if they have a licensing agreement with Innersloth and whether these are officially licensed products. Right now, the game maker says they do not have additional licensing agreements, but that may change in the future.

Quote from Innersloth

Although we are honored and overwhelmed by all of the fan art enthusiasm, selling unauthorized merchandise featuring Among Us characters, names, sayings, scenes, stories and artwork (collectively, the ‘IP’) is illegal, and a violation of Innersloth’s IP rights.

Another red flag is companies that have similar-sounding names that are close to the original. For example, "Go Among Us" bills itself as the #1 official Among Us merch store and claims to partner with Innersloth and streamers. Innersloth, however, says this is not true.

Innersloth Tweet

What to Do If You Buy Fake Among Us Plush Toys

Since online sellers can be sneaky and make their products look genuine, buying a fake Among Us plush can be easy (and unfortunate). If you realize you've fallen victim to a fake, there are a few steps to take to get your money back and help protect others:

  • Request a refund from the seller: It's easy to get a refund from some sites, such as Amazon, but others may make it more difficult, especially if you're buying directly from a private seller. 
  • Report the fake plush to Innersloth via email to [email protected]: While this won't help you get your money, it will help Innersloth shut down fraudulent sales. 
  • Report the scam: You can report the counterfeit products to the site you bought them from and the authorities. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I report scams or fake Among Us plush?

The company urges you to report scams or fake Among Us merchandise to [email protected], the authorities, and the website/store you bought them from.

Among Us plush merchandise is all over eBay, Etsy, and Amazon. Are those fakes?

Maybe. Some people have bought officially licensed merchandise and are reselling it on the second-hand market. The Toikido company is authorized to sell Among Us Plush and other Among Us products.  However, anything labeled as new that doesn’t come from Toikido may be a fake or unauthorized product.

Can small artists or hobbyists make and sell their creations online?

No. They are using characters and likenesses that are owned by the company that made the game. Innersloth owns the legal rights to its creations. Copyright owners have the exclusive rights to use, display, or reproduce their work. Without the copyright holder’s consent or agreement, it is illegal for anyone else to do so in almost every case.

While there are some exceptions to copyright rules for fair use, they don’t apply to someone making products and selling them for profit.

Why should I buy officially licensed products?

When you buy official merchandise, you are supporting the creators. In the case of Among Us, the game is available for free, so the money you are spending helps the developers stay in business and create additional products.

If you are a collector or investor, officially licensed products are generally more valuable and hold their value better. 

Why should I care whether a plush is “officially licensed” or not?

If you ever have a problem with your Among Us plush, the official seller can handle any returns or help you with concerns. A counterfeit or fake Among Us plush seller isn’t likely to stick around or deal with customer complaints.

Knock-off products often don’t go through the same safety testing. Many sellers of counterfeit products are just looking to cash in on a current trend and make a few bucks, so products are often rushed to market and may or may not be safe.

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