10 Best AeroPress Accessories for Ultimate Coffee Lovers

Coffee lovers, this one's for you. If you have an AeroPress, here are some of the best accessories you'll want to get your hands on so you can get more enjoyment out of your morning brew.

Tina Chang
Updated 22 April 2022
10 Best AeroPress Accessories for Ultimate Coffee Lovers
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The AeroPress coffee maker is a small, portable coffee brewer that uses force to push coffee through a small filter paper and into your cup. Alan Adler, a retired Stanford University engineering instructor, invented the brewer that uses this unique brewing process to make a superior cup of coffee.

Since the first version of the AeroPress came out in 2005, it is now found in the homes of millions of people throughout the world, and other companies continue coming up with new and innovative accessories for the coffee maker.

AeroPress itself only offers a small number of accessories, including:

  • Filter papers
  • Stirrer
  • Filter paper holder
  • Tote bag
  • Coffee beans scoop
  • Funnel
  • Filter holder

It's other companies that have invented practical and eco-friendly AeroPress accessories designed specifically that have gotten our attention.

Here are the best AeroPress accessories to buy in 2022:

  1. 2POUR Dual Press - For Couples
  2. PUCKPUCK Cold-Brew Coffee Attachment - For Cold Brew Coffee
  3. Fellow Prismo - Mess-Free Coffee
  4. Reusable Filters - Best Eco-Friendly Accessory
  5. Aesir Paper Filters - For Cleaner Coffee
  6. JavaJug2 - For Multiple Cups
  7. Able Travel Cap - When You're On-the-Go
  8. Hexnub Organizer - To Keep Your Kitchen Tidy
  9. Instant Milk Frother - For Latte Lovers
  10. HyperChiller Beverage Cooler - For Icey Cold Brews

Top 10 Best AeroPress Accessories for Different Needs

Everyone has different tastes—some like their coffee black, some like a cappuccino, and some need that extra caffeine you get from a cold brew. We looked around for the best AeroPress accessories for different needs and preferences and came up with this top 10 list that we're sure you'll find useful.

1. 2POUR Dual Press - Best for Couples

2POUR dual press AeroPress accessory

Whether you're a couple, you have a roommate, or just need more than one cup of coffee to get you started in the morning, the 2POUR Dual Press should be your next purchase (if you don't have one already).

This nifty device saves you time and effort in the morning by letting you make not one but two cups of AeroPress coffee with just one single brew. There is no need to switch cups halfway or start all over again to make your second cup. Instead, simply start the brewing process, then attach this dual press when you're ready to pour.

Be sure to place both cups under each spout to avoid any spillage, then press away! Two cups of coffee in the time it takes to make one!


  • Affordable
  • Saves time
  • Easy to use


  • Can't make more than 8-ounce cups of coffee
  • Can't use with tall mugs (max. 3.8 inches tall)

>> Buy it for $19.99 on Amazon

2. Puck Puck Cold Brew Coffee Attachment - For Cold Brew Enthusiasts

PuckPuck AeroPress accessory

If you love yourself a cup of cold brew, you can turn your AeroPress into a cold-brew drip system with this Puck Puck attachment. You'll also need a mineral water bottle that can fit into the AeroPress accessory.

Simply set up your AeroPress coffee maker with the coffee grinds inside as you usually would, then place the cold brew attachment on top. Then get a mineral water bottle and put it on top of the Puck Puck, so the water drips down into the Aeropress. The easiest way to do this without getting water all over your kitchen counter is to cut a hole at the bottom of the water bottle, so you can put the top of the bottle into the Puck Puck and pour ice water in from the other side.

This AeroPress accessory also has a handy app you can use to count your drips so you can brew the perfect cup to your liking.


  • Make a great cup of cold brew
  • Easy to use
  • Has an app to help you calibrate your coffee


  • Need a mineral water bottle to use

>> Buy it for $24.50 on Amazon

3. Fellow Prismo - Mess-Free Coffee

Fellow Prismo AeroPress accessory

This is one of the best AeroPress accessories for those finding it hard to brew their coffee without making a mess. We love this attachment because you don't need to use the inverted method to make your coffee. Instead, simply attach it to your AeroPress, place it on top of your cup, and push.

This attachment is even better because it uses a reusable filter made of metal, so you can ditch the paper filters, making it an environmentally friendly option. And it has a no-drip seal which means you can store your coffee in the fridge to make a cold cup and not have to worry about it leaking in the middle of the night.


  • Brew coffee without the mess
  • Reusable coffee filter
  • Easy to clean
  • Leak-free (no-drop seal)


  • Reviewers say it doesn't make better coffee (like it promises to)
  • You need to press down harder than normal

>> Buy it for $30 on Amazon

4. Reusable Filters - Best Eco-Friendly Accessories

If you're conscious about doing your part for the environment, reusable filters are a must-have. Standard AeroPress paper filters are pretty much the only wasteful part of making coffee using an AeroPress, but there are several options for reusable filters now, saving both the environment and money.

They'll set you back around $10 or $15 only, which is a steal considering you'll never have to buy filters again!

A few different options include:

  • The Mesh Reusable Metal Filter: Compatible with both newer and older generations of the AeroPress, this reusable filter lets more healthy oils from your coffee beans through that paper filters keep out. In addition, it comes with a 90-day money-back guarantee and a lifetime warranty.

    The Mesh metal filter for AeroPress

    >> Buy it for $10 on Amazon

  • Able DISK Metal Filter: U.S.-made and designed in Portland, Oregon, this reusable filter comes in two different models: Standard and Fine filter. The Standard filter is great if you like full-bodied coffee and is built to withstand years of use. The Fine mesh filter has ultra-micro holes that produce a cleaner coffee cup with very little fines (or none at all). Be careful with the Fine mesh filter because it's easier to damage and bend.

    Able metal filter for AeroPress

    >> Buy it for $15 on Amazon


  • Eco-friendly
  • Very affordable


  • More clean-up required

5. Aesir Paper Filters - For Cleaner Coffee

Aesir AeroPress filters

You've probably noticed that some little coffee grinds tend to sneak into your coffee when using regular paper or reusable filters with your AeroPress coffee maker. If you want the cleanest brew without getting little surprise grinds in your mouth mid-sip, invest in these extra-thick paper filters from Aesir.

These filter papers are not only thicker than regular paper filters, but they have smaller pores to help you brew coffee with more clarity and less sediment. One of these filter papers works better than double or triple-stacking regular filter papers.

Fun Fact: Several World AeroPress Champion baristas swear by these filters and used them when they won or placed in the championships.


  • Better tasting coffee
  • No sediment in your coffee


  • Much more expensive than regular filters

>> Buy it for $16 on Amazon

6. JavaJug2 - For Multiple Cups


If you need to brew more than one cup of coffee (for yourself or others), the JavaJug2 is an excellent accessory for the AeroPress coffee maker. It allows you to brew up to four 8-ounce cups of coffee in one press and keep it warm until you're ready to serve it.

The AeroPress cap fits perfectly onto the jug so you can transport it without worrying about drippage or leakage, and it also comes with a JavaJacket to help insulate your brew (keep it hot or cold).


  • Brew up to four cups of coffee
  • Keep coffee insulated
  • Can store the AeroPress coffee maker inside


  • Not always in stock

>> Buy it for $25.95 on Amazon

7. Able Travel Cap - When You're On-the-Go

AeroPress travel cap

This travel cap may seem like an unnecessary purchase, but it's great if you frequently take your AeroPress on trips or to the office. It lets you store things inside the AeroPress itself, such as filter papers and coffee beans, holding everything inside nicely.

Additionally, when you invert your AeroPress while brewing, it gives the coffeemaker some grip and stability.


  • Lets you use the AeroPress as a storage compartment
  • Great for travelers


  • Not worth it if you don't travel often

>> Buy it for $12 on Amazon

8. Hexnub Organizer - To Keep Your Kitchen Tidy

AeroPress organizer

The Hexnub organizer is one of the best AeroPress accessories for those who love to Marie Kondo the heck out of their home. The AeroPress coffee maker isn't exactly the most stylish thing to keep on your kitchen counter, but you can stop it from being an eyesore with this organizer.

Keep all of your AeroPress accessories together (no more searching through drawers to find your coffee spoon), and it helps your kitchen look organized. It comes with a heat-proof silicone rubber drip mat that's super easy to clean and is made from 100% recyclable bamboo.

In addition to stylishly storing your AeroPress, you can also store:

  • Scoop
  • Stirrer
  • Filters
  • Other accessories or coffee mugs on top


  • Nice addition to your kitchen countertop
  • Two size options: Original and Compact
  • Compact


  • Some people have trouble with the AeroPress fitting easily

>> Buy it for $39.99 on Amazon

9. Instant Milk Frother - For Latte Lovers

Automatic milk frother

You'll need a milk frother if you love making lattes or cappuccinos. Don't bother with those handheld frothers that take time to get your milk frothy, leaving you with lukewarm milk by the time it's ready (even then, it's still not perfect). The Instant milk frother (from the makers of the Instant Pot) does it all for you with just a press of a button.

All you need to do is pour your milk in, put the lid on, then press a button.

You have four different functions available with this automatic milk frother:

  • Cold foam
  • Light warm foam (for lattes)
  • Thick warm foam (for cappuccinos)
  • Warming without foam

It heats your milk to 150 degrees in just a couple minutes!


  • Easy to clean
  • Hassle-free way to froth and heat milk
  • Fast


  • Can only heat one cup's worth of milk at a time
  • Not as fast as some other automatic milk frothers

>> Buy it for $49.95 on Amazon

10. HyperChiller Instant Beverage Cooler - For Icey Cold Brews


If you prefer iced coffee, this is an excellent Aeropress accessory to add to your kitchen to get you through those sweltering summer days.

Making an iced coffee is now easier than ever, and you can use it for any beverage, even for iced tea or cocktails! No more adding ice to your coffee that ultimately waters down your brew. Simply pour your hot coffee (up to 205 degrees) into the chiller, and you'll get an ice-cold drink in just one minute.

You do need to do some prep work for this—you need to fill your HyperChiller's chambers up with water and freeze it for a minimum of 8 hours before using it. No more diluted coffee!


  • Chills your coffee in just 60 seconds
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Make cold drinks without diluting them
  • Easy to use


  • Only works well one time, then you need to put it back in the freezer
  • Some users have returned theirs because of cracking

>> Buy it for $25 on Amazon

Picking the Best AeroPress Accessories

Choosing AeroPress accessories comes down to how you like your coffee and when you like to drink it. Our picks for the best AeroPress accessories cater to multiple needs, whether you're an iced coffee lover or prefer lattes. We've even listed accessories suited to those who just want a clean and organized kitchen!

Just know that your Aeropress coffee maker isn't limited to its basic accessories—there are plenty of products that can make your coffee experience all that more enjoyable!

Other accessories that didn't quite make our best list but are products you should consider include:

  • Fine coffee grinder (so you can buy beans and grind them yourself)
  • Travel bag to store all of your AeroPress accessories
  • Thermal coffee mugs to keep your brew hot

Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of coffee grounds do you need for an Aeropress?

Aeropress recommends using fine drip or espresso grounds when brewing your coffee for the best results. With these fine grinds, you'll get a more decadent coffee.

The best thing to do is buy coffee beans and a coffee grinder that can make these fine grounds. However, if you don't have a coffee grinder, you can also use pre-ground drip coffee, but you may need to use more coffee or allow it to steep for longer so it has the same strength as finer ground coffee beans.

How do I make espresso with an Aeropress?

To make espresso-style coffee with your Aeropress, you'll first need:

  • Your Aeropress
  • Fine coffee grounds (you can grind your own coffee beans or buy pre-ground ones)
  • 2 Aeropress filters
  • An Aeropress filter cap
  • Hot water
  • Espresso tamper

Follow these steps to make your brew:

  1. Set up your Aeropress by putting a filter into the filter cap and pouring water through it (this warms it up and removes any paper flavors).
  2. Screw the filter cap onto the bottom of the Aeropress chamber.
  3. Put your coffee grounds into the Aeropress.
  4. Wet your second filter with warm water and press it onto the bottom of your espresso tamper.
  5. Push the tamper with the filter on the bottom onto the coffee grounds to compact it (as you see baristas doing).
  6. Twist and pull out the tamper, ensuring the filter remains on the coffee grounds. (This ensures your coffee doesn't move around when the water goes through, which is crucial for espresso-style coffee.)
  7. Pour hot water (~200 - 208 degrees) into the Aeropress chamber until it reaches just above level #2.
  8. Place the chamber on your mug.
  9. Insert the AeroPress plunger and press down into the grounds.
  10. Enjoy your cup of espresso coffee!

NOTE: Unlike regular coffee brewing with the Aeropress, you don't need to wait for the coffee to steep.

Is the Aeropress dishwasher safe?

Yes, the Aeropress is dishwasher safe as long as you put it on the top shelf and not on the bottom drawer. However, it's usually unnecessary to throw it in the dishwasher after every use. Instead, you can usually just give it a rinse, and it's good to go.

The AeroPress plunger wipes down the chamber as you use it, so it shouldn't need that thorough of a cleaning after use.

Where can I buy the best Aeropress accessories?

You can buy official Aeropress accessories from Aeropress directly, but there aren't a lot of accessories to choose from—just the basics you need.

If you're looking for accessories outside of the basic range, there are plenty of them from different brands and manufacturers on Amazon.

Can you use an AeroPress for tea?

Yes! You can use the AeroPress for tea. Just follow these steps:

  1. Insert the plunger into the AeroPress chamber (about an inch in).
  2. Set the AeroPress on your countertop with the plunger down.
  3. Pour hot water into the chamber and let your tea steep for as long as you need to (check the instructions on your tea for optimal steeping times).
  4. Place a filter into the AeroPress filter cap.
  5. Screw the cap onto the chamber.
  6. Invert your mug and press down.

NOTE: Be careful, as you can spill hot water when using the inverted method.


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