How to Spot a Pair of Fake Galaxy Buds in 3 Easy Ways

Buying a pair of Samsung Galaxy Buds from somewhere other than Samsung directly may be a cheaper route, but it's not always the better route.

Jesse Sumrak
Updated 7 December 2021
How to Spot a Pair of Fake Galaxy Buds in 3 Easy Ways
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Samsung Galaxy Buds launched in 2020, and it wasn't long before scammers flooded the market with cheap knockoffs. With a hefty price tag of $130+ and talk of being Android's premium Apple AirPods contender, it's no wonder fake Galaxy Buds became a hot counterfeit item so quickly.

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Now, it's harder than ever to know the difference. Without a bit of know-how and background info, it's easy to get duped into a scam. We're here to help make sure that doesn't happen.

Below, we'll walk you through everything you need to know about fake Samsung Galaxy buds so that you can avoid scams and find good deals on authentic earbuds.

What Are Fake Galaxy Buds?

Fake Galaxy Buds are imitation earbuds built to look like Samsung's Galaxy Buds, but they lack the sophisticated hardware and software to warrant the high price tag. Scammers use cheap materials that lack Android compatibility and often break down much faster than the authentic Buds.

Samsung doesn't create fake Buds, so you'll get no customer support if (more likely when) your Buds stop working. You'll be on your own.

Unfortunately, there's not one tell-tale sign of a fake pair of Samsung Buds. Expert scammers have nailed the design, and some will even sell the Buds at a premium to fend off any initial buyer suspicion. You'll need to inspect the nitty-gritty details to find the counterfeit giveaways.

Where Are Fake Galaxy Buds Sold?

Scammers sell fake Samsung Buds all across the internet and local listings. So unless you're buying from Samsung, Best Buy, or another credible tech store, you'll have to deal with fake products to some extent.

Here are the most common places scammers are selling fake Samsung Buds:

Scammers operate on other e-commerce platforms, too, but these are often the most prevalent. And that's because these sites sometimes have mind-blowingly low legitimate discounts on high-quality tech items.

How to Identify Fake Galaxy Buds in the Listings

When it comes to online shopping, there are often no second chances. Scammers won't allow you to examine the product for a full return—they'll run and hide before you get the chance. That's why it's equally essential to be able to recognize scam listings. Spot the listings first, and you'll never need to do a detailed examination of the actual Samsung Buds.

Here are the most common giveaways within listings:

  • Price: Depending on the year and model, authentic Samsung Galaxy Buds can range from $130 to $200. If an earbud sells for significantly less than that (especially in the absence of a major holiday), then there's a good chance it's fake. However, price isn't the end-all-be-all sign—scammers will also sell fakes at market price to avoid suspicion.
  • Reviews: Check for fake reviews on any listing's page. If you see loads of fraudulent-looking 5-star reviews, then be cautious moving forward. Look at the 1-star reviews, too. You may find reports from legitimate buyers that the product in question is fake.
  • Images: Authentic sellers should always use their own pictures in product listings. If a seller on a platform uses photos of the product lifted from Samsung's website, ask for real images before purchasing. If the seller can't provide photos of the product, then don't take the risk.
  • Seller: Look for seller discrepancies. For example, if the seller's name is Jamie, but the listed contact email is [email protected], you should be concerned.
  • Description: Scammers from all over the world sell Samsung Galaxy Buds, and that means they're usually not fluent in every language they're fraudulently listing products. Look for simple grammar mistakes and typos. Also, run the text through a plagiarism checker—a fake listing may have just lifted the product description from Samsung or another seller's site.

Red Flags of Fake Galaxy Buds

Telling the difference between original and fake Galaxy Buds can be downright impossible if you don’t know what to look for. Of course, each product will differ depending on the scammer’s manufacturer, but these are the most common ways we spot fakes: 

  1. Analyze the Packaging
  2. Examine the Bud’s Carrying Case
  3. Look at the Actual Earbuds

Analyze the Packaging

Samsung goes all out on the packaging for their products, so this is where many scammers make tiny mistakes. First, look at the branding. You'll find Samsung Galaxy logos on every side of the box. In addition, fakes can sometimes have alignment issues, as you see below.

Real vs. fake Galaxy buds box
(Source: AlestroBakai)

Next, check the hangtag. Legitimate Galaxy Buds will have the Samsung logo on the hangtag—fakes often won't. Check the seal below the hangtag. Counterfeits often use a cheaper glue that renders the seal useless—users can usually lift the tape and open the packaging without even breaking the seal. That's not the case with authentic Samsung Buds.

Real vs. fake Galaxy Buds security tag
(Source: AlestroBakai)

If you look closely at the fake Samsung seal, you'll also notice a typo that says "dear receipt" instead of "clear receipt." Look for subtle grammar mistakes and typos like these on all parts of your packaging to confirm your Buds' authenticity.

Examine the Bud’s Carrying Case

Comparing the Samsung Buds case side by side, you'll notice that the authentic product uses a lighter, shinier font. The fake is a bit bolder, and the gloss is less affected by light.

Real vs fake galaxy buds case
(Source: AlestroBakai)

Once you open your Buds, check for the quality of the case. Fakes are often made with cheaper materials, and they'll use more plastic-like hinges that seem flimsy and squeaky. Open and close it a few times—if it's difficult to transition smoothly from open to closed without squeaks, there's a good chance it's a fake.

Look at the Actual Earbuds

The Buds are the core piece of the product, and it's also where you'll see the most glaring discrepancies. The first thing you'll notice is the auto-sync. The software in legitimate Galaxy Buds is perfectly compatible with Androids, and the two devices will find each other in seconds after removing them from the case.

That's not the case with fake Samsung Buds. Fakes will be able to pair through Bluetooth (as any other wireless headphone). Still, they won't have the seamless, uninitiated recognition that authentic Galaxy Buds have with Android devices.

These fake Galaxy Buds also feature a female AI voice that walks users through the pairing process. Real Galaxy Buds don't use that same robotic AI voice during the initial setup phase—you'll only hear a chime when the device has paired.

What to Do If You Purchase Fake Galaxy Buds

Mistakes happen. If you accidentally purchased fake Samsung Buds, not all is lost. Depending on when you bought the earbuds and where you bought them from, there's still a lot you can do to recoup your money and right the wrong. The processes differ depending on the platform you purchased the product:

  • Wish: Contact Wish's customer service to take advantage of their 30-day return policy. Check their list of exceptions to make sure your purchase qualifies. Wish is notorious for selling fake products, so always be cautious buying on the platform.
  • Craigslist: Craigslist won't be able to protect you from scammers and counterfeits. You'll need to do your due diligence to avoid getting scammed. However, if you believe you've been scammed, Craigslist still appreciates you reporting the fraud so that they can protect future buyers.
  • Facebook Marketplace: Facebook Marketplace doesn't provide protections for sellers and buyers.
  • Walmart Marketplace: Request a refund via the Walmart Marketplace Promise to recover your funds.
  • Amazon: Contact Amazon customer support to file an A-to-Z Guarantee to start your refund process.
  • eBay: Contact eBay to ask for their money-back guarantee.

Contact the FBI's digital division to submit a fraud report. They'll provide additional advice, and this information will hopefully help them catch the bad guys.

Where to Buy Real Samsung Buds

You can find authentic Samsung Bud at various in-store and online retailers. Here's a shortlist of the most reliable places you can buy real Galaxy Buds:

You can find real pairs of Samsung Buds on popular e-commerce sites like eBay and Amazon, but you'll always run the slightest risk of getting scammed. That's not the case with the authentic websites listed above.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can you spot fake Samsung Galaxy Buds?

To spot fake Galaxy Buds, examine the packaging, the case, and the actual earbuds to spot the discrepancies. If possible, try removing the buds and pairing them with your phone—the Android pairing process is the biggest indicator of your bud's legitimacy.

Where can I buy original Samsung Galaxy Buds?

You can buy original Samsung Galaxy Buds from various online and in-store retailers. If you prefer to shop online, try visiting Microsoft, Samsung, or Target's website. If you're an in-store shopper, visit your local Verizon store or Best Buy. Getting your hands on the product eliminates the need to scrutinize online listings, so that's one less thing to worry about.

Are Galaxy Buds on Amazon real or fake?

Amazon has no tolerance for fakes, but that doesn't mean fraudulent sellers can't sneak onto the platform. Amazon sells both real and fake Galaxy Buds. If the seller is listing the Buds for an exceptionally low price, then be cautious moving forward with a purchase on Amazon.

How much are Samsung Galaxy buds?

Samsung Galaxy Buds usually cost between $130 and $200. These prices fluctuate when new models enter the market, and older models go on sale, but it's hard to find even last year's Galaxy Buds at a price of less than $100.


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