Real vs. Fake Yeezy Slides: 6 Ways to Tell the Difference

Whether you're looking for genuine Yeezy slides or want a cheaper option that looks similar, you'll want to know how to tell the difference between the real deal and a cheap knock-off.
Updated 27 April 2022
Real vs. Fake Yeezy Slides: 6 Ways to Tell the Difference
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Yeezy slides are some of the more expensive slides you can buy. They're popular among those looking for something different or simply like trendy designer options. Although you may be drawn to the unique design, you may not be so excited about the price tag. These babies will set you back at least $100 if you buy them from a verified retailer. If you look for a cheaper option elsewhere, you're likely to end up with a pair of fake Yeezy slides.

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Here's everything you need to know about fake Yeezy slides, from how to identify fakes from genuine pairs, where they're usually sold, and where you can buy pretty decent quality fakes or copies. (Note that this article only looks at Yeezy slides and not the Yeezy Foam Runner model.)

How to Spot Fake Yeezy Slides in 6 Ways

You can check a few details to know whether or not you have a pair of fake slides. The first thing you can check is the box itself—many counterfeiters won't put in the effort to make the box look legitimate.

On the actual Yeezy slide itself, you'll want to pay particular attention to the:

  • Shape and overall look of the slides
  • Sole
  • Labels, engravings, and logos
  • General feel of the slides
  • Color

1. The Box 

Yeezy slides come in a distinct Yeezy box. First, check to ensure the box's design looks similar to the box in the images below. Good counterfeit Yeezy slides will do their best to copy all of the details on the box but still get a few things wrong.

You'll need a keen eye to tell the difference, but it's possible. Usually, with fakes, the overall quality will be much cheaper. The cardboard may not be as thick, the feel of the cardboard may be rough, and the quality of the paper inside may be lacking (or it might not come with any paper at all).

Besides the box design, the font on the size and product label is the other thing to look at. The text and numbers should be clear and aligned—compare your box to the image of the real Yeezy slide below.

Yeezy Slides box
This is what an authentic box for Yeezy slides will look like.

2. Overall Shape - Missing Details

When you put a fake Yeezy slide next to a genuine one, you'll be able to see the minor differences in the overall look. However, it's not common to have an authentic pair handy for the comparison.

We'll show you what these slight differences look like, but this may be a challenging way for you to tell whether or not you have a fake.

Real vs fake Yeezy slides.

3. Sole - Not as Sharp

The bottom of the slides may make it easier to spot a real vs. fake. Adidas Yeezy slides have distinct soles, like a serrated knife. They're pretty pronounced for slides. They'll be fairly deep and even across the entire sole on a genuine Yeezy slide.

On a fake Yeezy slide, you may notice the teeth are less pronounced and even shorter than they're supposed to be.

Real vs fake Yeezy slide soles.

4. Labels, Engravings, and Logos - Missing Details

Pay close attention to Adidas Yeezy slides' sizing labels, logos, and engravings. A fake Yeezy slide will be missing details or have design errors in the logos.

You'll see the Adidas logo engraved on the footbed of a genuine Yeezy slide. While fakes may also have this detail, the engraving is often poorly done or not as deep as it should be. Of course, if your Yeezy slide is missing the logo entirely, you know you have a fake.

Real vs fake Yeezy slide heels

Now, look inside the strap of the slides. You should see another engraving saying "YEEZY", the size, and "MADE IN CHINA". The lettering should be straight with no design errors. It's common for a fake Yeezy slide to have some kind of engraving, but it won't look very well done.

Real vs fake Yeezy slides inside strap

The size tag is another detail that will give away a fake Yeezy slide. The text will be lined up correctly on genuine slides and be very legible in bold print.

Real vs fake Yeezy slides size label.

5. Feel of the Yeezy Slide - Not as Solid

The next thing you should do is try to fold and twist your Yeezy slide to see how flexible it is. Authentic slides will be pretty solid—Adidas makes these with high-quality materials, so they last.

Fake Yeezy slides will use cheaper materials and feel different from the real deal. Counterfeiters are often only focused on what products look like, not what they feel like. After all, when they sell these online, they're banking on their buyers not knowing what a genuine pair feels like. So, as long as the slides look legit in photos, they're likely to sell.

You may not know what the material of genuine Yeezy slides feels like, but test them out, and if they're extremely bendy, you likely have a fake. 

Authentic Yeezy slides are very sturdy and won't really bend much if you try to twist and manipulate them. 

Real vs fake Yeezy slides materials

6. Unofficial Colors

Yeezy slides come in very specific colors and designs. Counterfeiters will make fake Yeezy slides in as many colors as possible to sell more.

If your Yeezy slides come in a different color other than the authentic colors, you have a pair of fakes.

Know When Someone is Selling Fake Yeezy Slides Online

If you're trying to save some money, you may look to sites like Craigslist, OfferUp, and Facebook Marketplace to buy Yeezy slides. However, when buying from individual sellers, you need to be extra careful about scammers trying to sell you a fake pair or pretending to sell products but just taking off with your money.

Possible fake posting for Yeezy slides.
Although this person may be selling a genuine pair of Yeezy slides, you should proceed with caution when purchasing from someone who doesn't post photos of the actual product.

However, it's not to say that there are people who are genuinely selling Yeezy slides online. Here are some tell-tale signs of someone who is out to scam you on one of these sites:

  • Lack of photos (or usage of stock photos they took from another website)
  • Pushy sales tactics
  • Requests for payment using unconventional methods, such as gift cards or wire transfer
  • Reluctance or refusal to meet you in person (so you can inspect the slides in person)

Where to Buy Genuine Yeezy Slides

If you want a genuine pair of Yeezy slides, there are a few places you can buy them without fear of ending up with a fake one. These include:

  • StockX: An online store where you can bid on designer products. Stockx verifies the products sold are genuine.
  • Stadium Goods: Find Yeezy slides and Foam Runners.
  • Amazon: Buy Yeezy slides from the Adidas Amazon store.
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How Much Are Yeezy Slides Worth?

The cost of Yeezy slides ranges depending on the model and where you buy them. For adult slides, you're looking at paying at least $100, with some costing as much as $700 a pop. It's no wonder replicas are being made left and right!

Where to Buy Decent Fakes

If you like the design of Yeezy slides but not the price tag, you can find plenty of replicas online, including on:

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