How to Spot a Fake Jordan Logo & Avoid a Fake

You can find fake Jordan shoes, clothing, and accessories in many marketplaces—some of them are easy to spot just by looking at the logo.

Tina Chang
Updated 6 April 2022
How to Spot a Fake Jordan Logo & Avoid a Fake

United States Counterfeit Goods Statistics

$1.3 billion in counterfeit items seized each year
$200 billion yearly loss to businesses

$959 billion (estimated value of the counterfeit market by 2022)

Source: Library of U.S. Congress

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You can find fake Jordan shoes, clothing, and accessories in many marketplaces—some of them are easy to spot just by looking at the logo.

Counterfeiters have been making fake Nike Jordan products for years, copying everything from shoes to accessories. Unless you're buying from authorized retailers, it's almost impossible not to come across one of these fakes. And when you're trying to get your hands on a limited edition pair of sneakers, sometimes your only option is to buy from a reseller.

The last thing you want is to spend your hard-earned money on fake Jordans, especially if you paid a pretty penny for them. The good news is that you should be able to identify dupes if you know what to look for—starting with the logo.

Visit the Nike Store on Amazon
Visit the Nike Store on Amazon
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Fake Jumpman Logo Variations

The Jordan brand is identified by the iconic Jumpman logo—a silhouette of Michael Jordan about to dunk a basketball. Although many counterfeiters include a similar logo on their fake Air Jordans and other products, many won't get all of the details correct.

Here is the Jordan logo found on authentic Jordans:

Real Jumpman/Jordan logo.
Genuine Jumpman (Air Jordan) logo.

Note that one arm is up (with the ball in hand) while the other is down, and the legs are spread out.

Fake Air Jordans Logo #1

Real vs fake Jordan logo.

Some Air Jordan shoes have an obvious flaw in the logo. It's likely that those making and selling these shoes aren't trying to pass off their shoes as genuine items and don't want to risk getting charged for counterfeiting shoes.

With these knock-offs, it's easy to tell a real from a fake.

Fake vs. Real Jordans Logo #2

Fake Jordan vs. real Jordan logo

In this example, the logo is almost a match, minus the left arm which has been turned upwards. Other than that, it looks as though the designer copied the exact logo and just made this adjustment.

Air Jordan Logo: Fake #3

Logo on a fake pair of Air Jordans.

When the Jumpman logo is embroidered, the design isn't as clean as a digital version, but you can still spot some differences between an authentic pair of Air Jordans and a fake pair. On a genuine embroidered logo, the stitching will all be going in one direction with no breaks from one side to the other.

You can see the change in stitching direction on the fake logo above when it gets to the legs, and there's a visible separation. You can also see some other minor details that look different, including the ratio of the body to the head and it's also missing the shorts outline on the left-hand side.

Fake Air Jordans Logo #4

Real vs fake Air Jordans Jumpman logo.

In this example, the fake Air Jordan logo is missing the tiny detail on both shoes. This would be an otherwise difficult one to spot.

Fake Logo on Air Jordan Shoes #5

Fake Jordans vs real ones

In this example, the logos look very similar, but the ratios are a bit off on the fake Jordans, and the Jumpman looks a bit chubbier than it's supposed to. This is an example of a logo that can be hard to distinguish as a fake. In this case, you should look for other telltale signs of fake Jordans that can be found elsewhere on the shoe or clothing.

Other Fake Logos on Jordan Sneakers

Air Jordan shoes also feature other logos that can clue you into fakes. These include the Jordan Wings logo and the iconic Nike swoosh.

Real vs fake Air Jordans size tag

Look for fine details in the Jordan Wings logo to spot a fake.

Real Nike swoosh vs fake.

Since the Nike logo has been around for some time and counterfeiters have been copying Nike products for years, it can be challenging to spot a fake. You can tell which one is fake by looking at the lettering in the case above.

The "K" in the logo should be touching the "E" next to it. The "K" isn't touching any other letter on the fake.

Other Signs of Fake Jordans

There are plenty of quality fake Air Jordans with a Jumpman that looks identical to authentic Jordans. If you're unable to spot a fake by just looking at the logo, you'll need to check the rest of the shoe for design flaws or lack of quality. Pay attention to the following:

  • Stitching: Stitches should be appropriately aligned (fakes often have poor stitching or frayed threads).
  • The tongue of the sneakers: Fakes could have tongues that are odd in shape or are missing certain features.
  • Label in either shoe: Fakes often miss information, or the font is not aligned correctly.
  • Shoelaces and holes: You shouldn't find breakages or a low-quality lace hole.
  • Box the sneakers came in: You can spot fakes in the box's design, the labels, and even how the shoes were packaged inside. Real Air Jordans will come in a sturdy box.
  • General shoe construction and shape: Some fakes don't get the body of Jordans right.
  • Nike swoosh: Some fakes have a swoosh that is distorted or warped.

Fake Jordans will also probably wear out much faster than genuine ones. Of course, it'll be too late to get a refund once you've figured out they have worn out quicker, so this isn't a sign you can look out for.

Color Combinations

Jordans come in set color combinations or colorways. If you buy a pair of these sneakers that is an unofficial color combination, it's a fake. Of course, Nike could come out with new color combos that you're unaware of, so do your research first.

Nike Jordans colorways

Spotting Fake Jordan Logos in Online Listings

If you're buying Jordans online, you can't inspect the shoe in person or be close enough to spot fakes. This is especially true if the seller uses stock photos or pictures from the Nike website. In this case, you'll want to make a note of any red flags you find on the listing, such as:

  • Spelling mistakes, poor grammar, and awkward phrasing: Although this isn't a definite red flag, if you're buying from what looks like an authorized seller, it may not be.
  • A deal too good to be true: If you're buying limited edition Jordans that usually retail for $300 but find them online for $30, it's likely a fake.
  • Several negative reviews about the seller: You'll want to scan through existing customer reviews or comments to see if other people have complained about receiving poor-quality items from the seller.

You'll also want to be wary of sellers who:

  • Are pushy and try to get you to buy their item quickly without asking too many questions
  • Don't provide photos of their own (or any pictures at all)
    • Do a reverse image search on any images posted by sellers that you don't completely trust. Scammers will often repost photos that they find online of the same product.
  • Refuse to meet you in person, even though you live locally
  • Try to charge you extra after you've already paid the agreed-upon amount
  • Only take unconventional forms of payments, such as wire transfer or gift cards (especially if the app you're using has a payment system built in)
  • Try to get you to communicate with them off the sales platform (e.g., instead of communicating in OfferUp, they ask you to send them a message via Whatsapp

Where to Buy Genuine Jordans

The best place to buy Nike Jordans and avoid ending up with fakes is from Nike directly or an authorized retailer.

Visit the Nike Store on Amazon
Visit the Nike Store on Amazon
  • Shop Nike Originals and Collections
  • Men's, women's, and kids
  • Free shipping and returns on eligible items

Great deals on shoes, apparel, and more!
Free shipping and returns on eligible items.

If you are buying from a personal seller on a site or app such as eBay, Craigslist, OfferUp, or Facebook Marketplace, you risk ending up with knock-offs. If possible, you'll want to inspect the shoe in person before handing over any money.

Although you'll be saving money by buying from a non-authorized seller, you could waste your money entirely if you end up with a pair of fakes.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Walmart Jordans real or fake?

The Air Jordan shoes sold at Walmart are genuine, not fakes. Walmart is an authorized retailer of Nike products, including Air Jordans.

How much do Jordans cost?

The price of Air Jordans varies depending on the model. Current models of the sneakers generally range from:

  • $80 - $220 (men's)
  • $80 - $150 (women's)
  • $70 - $150 (big kids)
  • $65 - $80 (little kids)
  • $50 - $70 (baby and toddlers)

Are fake Jordans bad?

Firstly, it's important to note that fake Jordans are illegal to manufacture and sell. If you buy fakes, you could also land yourself in hot water with the authorities. In terms of quality, this is something you'll also be sacrificing by buying fakes. Although some counterfeiters have gotten very good at copying the style of these shoes, they're likely using cheaper materials that won't last as long as genuine Jordans.

Where fakes win is the price. They are usually sold at a fraction of the cost of genuine Jordans—they need to be sold cheaper otherwise, people would just buy them from Nike directly.

Where are fake Jordans sold?

You can find fake Jordans being sold by individual sellers on sites such as:

  • eBay
  • Craigslist
  • OfferUp
  • Facebook Marketplace

Sometimes these sellers are unaware that they have a pair of fakes on their hands. Best practice when buying off classified websites like these, you should try to buy locally to meet the seller in person and inspect the product before purchasing it.

Fake Jordans are also sold at some retail stores or at markets that sell them illegally. You're likely to see these fakes in abundance in countries like China and Thailand, where counterfeit products are standard (and manufactured).

However, here in the States, it's more rare to find counterfeit Nikes in stores as sellers would have to import them from overseas. Our laws around counterfeit items are also more strict, and much more is being done to stop fake products from entering the U.S. market.

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