Is a Scam?

We look at 5 key factors to understand whether someone should trust We do not believe that it is a trustworthy site.
Updated 15 September 2021
Is a Scam?

Is legit?


We investigated 5 key factors and we do not believe that this website is legitimate or trustworthy.

United States Scam & Fraud Statistics 2020

$3.3 billion total fraud losses
4.7 million fraud reports

1.4 million reports of identity theft

Source: 2019-20 Consumer Sentinel Report

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  1. No Published Physical Address - Red Flag
  2. No taxes - Denotes foreign location
  3. Both the Site & Domain are Brand New
  4. The Domain Owner is not Contactable & Address Does not Exist
  5. Other Reviews 
  6. Summary

New e-commerce sites spring up all the time and can be great for consumers, but it doesn't mean that you should trust them.

As an example, has appeared recently, and we provide the reasons why this website has a low trust score, and we do not recommend that U.S. consumers use this website.

In answering this question, we looked at several factors in researching this site. 

No Published Physical Address - Red Flag

When a company publishes no physical address, it is a warning sign. For an e-commerce site, it is an even bigger warning sign as returns and shipping and the handling of money requires a physical address to be published for consumers. 

  • The Privacy Policy does not show a physical address—this is a requirement. 
  • The Shipping and Returns page does not have a physical address—this is a massive red flag.
  • There is no information for GDPR or the California Right to Privacy
  • There is no publication of a cookie policy

A legitimate e-commerce website would publish this information. Failing to do this means that this is not a well-funded company taking the time to do the right things on the internet. 

Additionally, the privacy notice on the site is only 690 words. 

No taxes - Denotes foreign location

E-commerce sites that sell products in the U.S., like Amazon or Walmart, must collect sales taxes on each sale, based on where the product is sold and where the buyer is shipping it to. 

For example, buyers in California must pay the CA sales tax on their purchases.  Amazon's sales tax policy is here as an example of how it is meant to be done. 

On, the site says that there are no taxes payable which denotes that the seller is foreign and not complying with U.S. requirements. 

Both the Site & Domain are Brand New

Being a brand new site is fine on the trust score, but sketchy players often use a 'phoenix' strategy where they use one domain name/company to scam people and then shut that domain and move their platform to a new domain name to be reborn (which then means all the old negative reviews don't count as they don't match). 

The domain was only registered on June 15, 2021, as shown at, and was only paid for one year.

The mediplazak website was quickly launched within a month of that domain registration date, which means that the domain owner already had the website technology platform ready to go (potentially from a previous version of the site, as mentioned below). 

Typically an entrepreneur or team would register a domain and then take time to build the website with many tests and development requirements. Usually, there is a delay of many months between securing the right domain and launching the new e-commerce website. 

However, in this example, the mediplazak was launched almost directly after the domain was registered for the first time. This means the site was already built and may have been used previously, which is suspicious. 

The SEM Rush profile shows that this site launched in July 2021

The Domain Owner is not Contactable & Address Does not Exist

We checked to see who owns and registered this domain. Unfortunately, the address is not a real address, and the phone number is disconnected. 


The address of 3070 Scheuvront Drive, Boulder, CO 80302 does not exist as a specific location on Google Maps. 

Phone Number

We called the listed number +1 3034 44 3523 - this number is not a valid phone number, and the service is disconnected. shows this domain is very new

Other Reviews 

Other reviews show that this layout is identical to other sites that have been used previously in a scam. This review is published on the French Scam Database, Signal Arnaques.

Note: The previously mentioned website in this review below now directs to a porn website. 

Another of this guy's fraud sites! DO NOT SHOP HERE. this guy has a few. The site looks pretty good but layout is identical, yet different. I found this one again by searching for a certain clothing brand. Google shows the link once clicked, it takes you to the above link.

I had shopped on another site of this scammer ( and tried to buy items with CC. No one's cc will work, and you are subjected to pay via another transfer site that pays money into his bank account (goes in euros). This guy has many sites, and all have the same professional look with tons of crap. All have used the same (only) contact for this guy, the email [email protected]. he does not respond to emails, and you will not get your pkg.


We would not trust this website.