Searches for "COVID Vaccine 5G" Hit All-Time High, But Microchips Definitely Not in Vaccine

The number of people searching for the term "COVID vaccine 5G" on Google has just hit an all-time high, but there's one way to be sure that there are no microchips.

Cameron Craig
Updated 2 February 2022
Searches for "COVID Vaccine 5G" Hit All-Time High, But Microchips Definitely Not in Vaccine
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The COVID-19 vaccine contains a 5G microchip.


The 5G COVID-19 vaccine conspiracy is false.

The sheer volume of X-rays and MRIs means that it is impossible that the COVID vaccine contains a microchip but has not been spotted by one single medical imaging specialist. Two-thirds of the X-rays taken every day are from vaccinated people. Millions of medical images are taken every week. No images of a COVID microchip have been circulated.

Key Finding

Online searches for "COVID vaccine 5G" are at an all-time high.

Key Risk

Video creators are faking videos which show COVID microchips, but the conspiracy is false.

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  1. Misleading Short Videos & Pranks
  2. The COVID Needle is Too Small for Microchips
  3. America's X-Ray Industry Proves No Microchips
  4. Frequently Asked Questions

Although the rollout of the COVID-19 vaccines has reached 63% of Americans (fully vaccinated), the number of people searching in Google for "covid vaccine 5g" reached an all-time high during January of 2022. 

Google searches for 'covid 5g vaccine' have recently hit an all-time high.
Google searches for 'covid 5g vaccine' have recently hit an all-time high.

For anyone in doubt, we can show you a data source to squash your fears of the COVID vaccine and any sort of 5G microchip (below). 

Although many factors may have caused many people to suddenly search for the "covid vaccine 5G" on Google, social media is the strongest contributor to the conspiracy theory.

Misleading videos can spread quickly on social media platforms like TikTok, Instagram, and Facebook. They can even spread in group chains on email, text, and WhatsApp (which lack fact checks or warnings).

Conspiracy theories about microchips in COVID-19 vaccines can be traced to eight months before the first vaccines from Moderna and Pfizer were introduced in the U.S. These theories have continued since, with interest now at an all-time high. 

We can show you how to be sure that no microchips were implanted with the COVID vaccine. But first, the videos.

Misleading Short Videos & Pranks

Fake videos have been used to try to "prove" microchips in the arms of vaccinated people. Many techniques used by videomakers create the illusion, including hidden microchips or magnets. 

TikTok User Jasmine _0708

One of the most well-executed videos was posted by TikTok user Jasmine_0708 (embedded below).

Although she has admitted to faking the video, it continues to circulate with the hashtags:

  • #vaccine
  • #vaccinesideeffect
  • #chipped
  • #chipfinder
  • #covidvaccine
  • #covidvaccinesideeffects

When viewed on TikTok and other platforms, the user will typically only see the video's title, the hashtags, and the likes/shares/views. They don't get an indication that it is fake. 

The video's creator said, "You guys clearly don't know what a joke [is]. It's obviously a dog chip… you guys believe anything on the internet." But this is not seen by most viewers. The video has been viewed over 15 million times and shared more than 717,000 times.

From there, these videos continue to circulate on other platforms, snowballing the conspiracy. Any element of this being a fake is removed. 

Others circulate the same video on Facebook, WhatsApp, or email, some of whom introduced the video with comments like, "They are literally tagging and tracking everybody taking the jab." This is false, of course. 

The original TikTok video continues to re-circulate on other platforms
The original TikTok video continues to re-circulate on other platforms like Facebook.

It's important to share critical debunking information to disprove these theories. 

The COVID Needle is Too Small for Microchips

All 63% of Americans who have been vaccinated would each be fully aware of the size of the vaccination needle and the sting from it. 

On top of that, millions of people post their vaccination photos on social media for all to see. And for anyone interested, you can visually go back and fact-check the needle size in all of these pictures. 

There couldn't have been a microchip in the needles because:

  • The COVID-19 vaccine needle is too small for microchips.
  • The microchip needles used for pets don't have fluid in them.
  • Microchip needles are four times wider than the COVID-19 vaccine syringe. 

The Covid Vaccine syringe is .5mm wide
The approved COVID-19 vaccine syringe is .5mm wide.

Animal microchip syringe
An animal microchip syringe is 2mm wide—4 times wider than the COVID-19 syringe.

It's important to remember that there is no evidence to support the conspiracy. There are fake videos with no actual proof of a microchip.  

America's X-Ray Industry Proves No Microchips

The easiest way to understand why the "5g covid vaccine" conspiracy is false is to remember that there are 211 million Americans who are fully vaccinated.

These same people are still getting X-rays and magnetic resonance images (MRIs) every day and have been through the pandemic. There are millions of X-rays and MRIs completed each month. 

There are 34,000 radiologists analyzing X-rays and MRIs in the U.S. every day. 

There are 254,000 radiologists and MRI technologists performing X-rays every day. 

NONE of them are reporting images from patients with microchips.

NO PATIENTS are reporting microchips. Microchips are easy to spot. Patients are given access to their X-rays, and no images like this have been shared by those who have had X-rays or MRIs. 

The 5G COVID Vaccine Conspiracy is False

The sheer volume of X-rays and MRIs means that it is impossible that the COVID-19 vaccine contained a microchip but has been undetected by all medical imaging specialists. Remember, two-thirds of the X-rays taken every day are from vaccinated people. 

Yes, Microchips Are Visible on X-Rays In Animals

Microchips are very easy to spot in animals, and you don't need to be trained to recognize this foreign object in an animal's body.

Microchip in horse
Microchips will show up on X-Ray, as seen in this animal X-Ray with a microchip - image from
As we noted above, no human X-rays show a microchip from the vaccine—the conspiracy is false. There are many COVID-19 scams that prey on people, but the 5G COVID vaccine microchip is nothing to fear, as it is totally false. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Does the COVID-19 vaccine contain microchips?

No. False claims that the COVID vaccine contains 5G microchips are spread by conspiracy theorists who don't have factual data to back up their claims.

Are the ingredients of the COVID vaccine public?

Yes, the Moderna vaccine, Pfizer vaccine, and Johnson and Johnson vaccine ingredients are available on the FDA website. 

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