How to Buy the Real Baby Yoda Doll & Avoid These Fakes

Many 3rd party sellers on eBay, Amazon and other sites are using the official Disney picture of 'The Child' from the Mandalorian, aka Baby Yoda to sell counterfeit plush dolls.

Cameron Craig
Updated 12 February 2021
How to Buy the Real Baby Yoda Doll & Avoid These Fakes


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United States Counterfeit Goods Statistics

$1.3 billion in counterfeit items seized each year
$200 billion yearly loss to businesses

$959 billion (estimated value of the counterfeit market by 2022)

Source: Library of U.S. Congress

Disney's Mandalorian (available to watch on DisneyPlus) launched a hurried interest in the character known as the 'Child', a star of the series. This character is more well known as 'Baby Yoda' and is officially known as Grogu

And, as with all Disney franchises, has the official merchandise to match.

However, if you are not shopping directly at Disney, you'll probably get scammed into a counterfeit doll.

Both Amazon and eBay are littered with sellers of fake Baby Yoda dolls, with the sellers lifting the official picture from the Disney website, to sell their own counterfeit doll. 

Beating the Fakes - The Genuine Product is Sold by Disney, Not on eBay

Disney created a fantastic official doll (plush toy) of the 'Baby Yoda' / 'The Child' character and this is available in offical Disney stores and at their theme parks, and from official retailers.

Baby Yoda vs Fake
Side by side, the differences are easy to spot

However, counterfeit sellers on eBay and Amazon have lifted the official image used on and re-used it in their product listing advertisements. These 3rd Party sellers are not selling the official doll and customers are being misled. By lifting the official images, it is almost impossible to detect fakes in the Amazon and eBay listings.

Unfortunately, for buyers on Amazon and eBay, the product that customers will receive looks nothing like the official doll. 

You can get the official Baby Yoda doll at

Sellers Use The Official Disney Picture to Sell Fakes

eBay and Amazon sellers are deceptively using the official image stolen from the Disney website. The listings shown below are actually for the fake Baby Yoda product, even though the listings show the official (stolen) Disney image. 

Fake baby yoda listings on Amazon
Each image has been taken from Disney, but the products sold are not from Disney

These pictures are stolen from Disney. It is deceptive conduct for the sellers to hide pictures of the product that the sellers are actually sell. BEWARE - these images do not represent the product you are buying! 

Identifying Fake Baby Yoda / Grogu Dolls

When the doll turns up from a counterfeit seller, it is quite obvious that it looks nothing like the picture. There are differences in:

  • Shape
  • Size
  • Stitching
  • General appearance 

Here are some of the differences:

Poor Stitching on Face, Head & Eyes

The head, face and eyes on the counterfeit products are of an off dimension. In many fakes, the neck is not covered by the gown. Additionally, the mouth and the curves around the cheek are flat in the fake products and the elongation of the head and space between the ears is of an improper proportion. 

Baby Yoda face comparison against face

Incorrect Stitching & Clothing Problems

The clothing on the fake dolls tends not to match the offical doll. The offical doll has a large seam in the middle of the neck, whereas the fake product extends across the neck. 

Stitching comparison Baby Yoda
Fake plush dolls don't have a fold in the middle of the neck area

Fake Products Can't Be Detected Until They Turn Up

As eBay and Amazon sellers are deceptively using the official image stolen from the Disney website, it is hard to know what you are going to get. Importantly, the only sure way to avoid disappointment is to purchase directly from Disney. 

Fake Baby Yoda
Fake products often can't be detected until they show up

Some comments from victims of this scam include:  

However, this Amazon review sum up this scam perfectly. 

Amazon review of fake Baby Yoda
Scathing Amazon review which says it all

To Comply With eBay Rules, Sellers Even Admit They are Lying

Whilst using the Disney pictures to advertise their products, the counterfeit eBay sellers are adding a disclaimer to the bottom of their listing to absolve them of the burden of returns:

The real object is not the same as the picture, please understand the difference. We have tried our best to reduce the Picture color error. 

eBay disclaimer
The 'real product is not the same as the picture'

This disclaimer is hidden away on the mobile app, rendering it un-seen by the majority of shoppers who use the mobile app and use photos and titles to choose products. 

Summary - Purchase from Disney Directly

This is not an expensive product and to avoid disappointment, we recommend that you only purchase from the Disney store. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I get a official Baby Yoda plush doll from Amazon or eBay cheaply?

Only if the condition is 'used' or 'new in box' from an individual re-seller who can prove with pictures that the doll is genuine. The vast majority of sellers on those platforms have imitation products to ship from China and use Disney's pictures to promote their product. You can't see the product you are buying. Avoid these platforms and sellers if you want a genuine product. Note: Amazon ranks #1 on Google for this doll so you must scroll past those listings. 

Where are the official Disney dolls sold?

Disney's online store, Target, Walmart

Can I see the pictures to determine if it is a fake?

Most sellers on Amazon and eBay steal the pictures from Disney and don't show you the real pictures of the imitation doll they are going to deliver to you. 

Is Baby Yoda the right name?

No, the doll's name is actually 'Grogu' and 'The Child' from the series 'The Mandalorian'

Where can I watch The Mandolorian?

The Mandalorian is available on Disney+ and has a 93% on Rotten Tomatoes

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